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Marjorie Taylor Greene feels exactly as bad as you would are expecting for safe room COVID-19 outbreak

The smug contempt for public health rolls off Greene’s tremendous-genius insistence that “match people don’t spread COVID” and “COVID wonderful people unfold COVID.” peculiarly, as one Democrat after an additional has demonstrated nice when you consider that their extended publicity to the anti-mask Republicans, the Republicans have not come out brandishing bad exams to demonstrate it couldn’t had been them. 

in reality, Politico’s Sarah Ferris reports, 15 Republicans are probably quarantining following their time within the safe room, having submitted proxy letters for voting purposes. They’re simply not publicizing it, as a result of that could be off message.

Greene has again and again pointed out her Jan. 4 negative test, however, as Donald Trump discovered right through his own case of the virus, a poor look at various one day doesn’t confer permanent insurance policy.

Democratic Reps. Pramila Jayapal, Bonnie Watson Coleman, and Brad Schneider have all confirmed high quality, attributing it to their time locked down within the protected room. Watson Coleman is a seventy five-year-ancient melanoma survivor.