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most reliable Kemp can do to take care of Georgia voters is ‘reserving judgment’ on plan to avoid voting by means of mail

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There is not any facts or cause to agree with our signature suit device is insecure,” state Rep. Josh McLaurin told the AJC. He plans to introduce law to permit those convicted of felonies to vote before they’ve accomplished their sentences. “Being convicted of a crime doesn’t make you much less of a citizen,” he talked about in a tweet Monday. “Let’s conclusion criminal disenfranchisement.”


meanwhile, Republicans have put forth legislation to end “no excuse” absentee balloting, ban mailers with unrequested absentee pollpurposes, and banish drop boxes, based on The Atlanta Journal-charter. “if you happen to don’t have a comfy chain of custody, chiefly with drop boxes, there’s no reason behind that to be in the manner,” GOP Georgia Sen. Burt Jones informed the newspaper. “You’ve received three weeks of early vote casting and Saturday vote casting. You’ve given considerable time and opportunities for americans to get the effort to head in to vote.”

He and state Sen. Brandon seashore lost their Senate appointments to guide committees as chairmen after they “aggressively pushed to overturn Georgia’s election consequences,” AJC reporter Greg Bluestein tweeted Tuesday. “[Others who also aggressively promoted Trump’s falsehoods have kept theirs,]” he delivered.


Jones, seaside, and three other Republican Georgia senators signed a letter to vice chairman Mike Pence pressuring him to push returned congressional certification of electoral votes “to allow for extra investigation of fraud, irregularities, and misconduct” within the state’s election, the AJC said.

within the witch hunt of sore losers calculating their own political futures, the senators wrote: “we’ve identified a team of experts who are in a position to assess the ballots and the balloting and counting gadget to check no matter if or now not the integrity of the vote was violated.”

seashore, Jones, Matt Brass, Greg Dolezal, and William Ligon signed the letter. Jones told the AJC he still has the fashioned copy, which was never dropped at Pence because “we saw the writing on the wall.” Yet the rush to suppress the vote in Georgia in line with Trump’s unfounded claims of voter fraud lives on.

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