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Saturday evening Owls: Black cops recount their day fighting ‘racist ass terrorists’ at Capitol

The officer even described coming nose to nose with cops from across the nation within the mob. He referred to a few of them flashed the badges, telling him to let them through, and trying to explain that this became all part of a movement that was purported to aid.

“you have the nerve to be retaining a blue lives rely flag, and you are out there fucking us up,” he told one neighborhood of protestors he encountered interior the Capitol. “[One guy] pulled out his badge and he mentioned, ‘we’re doing this for you.’ a different man had his badge. So i was like, ‘smartly, you gotta be kidding.’” […]

in the seven years due to the fact that Black Lives remember has become a rallying cry, the photograph of a white cop, finding out how and when to implement legislation and order, has turn into ubiquitous. On Wednesday, americans noticed whatever thing distinct, as Black officers tried to do the equal, as they tried to give protection to the very heart of yankee democracy. And as a substitute of being honored with the aid of the supporters of a man who likes to name himself the “legislation and order” president, Black Capitol officers discovered themselves beneath assault.

“I obtained called a nigger 15 instances nowadays,” the veteran officer shouted within the rotunda to no person in specific. “Trump did this and we got all of these fucking americans in our branch that voted for him. How the fuck are you able to guide him?”

“I cried for roughly 15 minutes and that i simply let it out.”

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“Are you a communist?”
“No i am an anti-fascist”
“For a very long time?”
“due to the fact I actually have understood fascism.”
          ~~Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940)




At daily Kos on this date in 2004—Bush sweats “internal” books:

The Bush White house is fearful about two impending books by means of former insiders. Ex-Bush Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill assails the president for a scarcity of hobby in sizeable coverage in a book written by journalist Ron Suskind that will be trotted out with notable fanfare on CBS’s “60 Minutes” this weekend.

One Bush insider, however, ventures that no one definitely cares what a former Treasury secretary says. but, a booklet due out later with the aid of Richard Clarke, the White condominium’s precise terror knowledgeable below each President Clinton and President Bush, is an additional be counted. Mr. Clarke is known to feel the Bush administration largely not noted the chance of terrorism and Osama bin weighted down earlier than 9-11, even after al Qaeda in June 2001 claimed responsibility for the bombing of the united statesCole, which killed 17 American soldiers.