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Trump-appointed Pentagon officers rename assault on Capitol—prepare to be outraged

The timeline from the office of the Secretary of protection not handiest paints a violent assault on the nation—one through which guys in tactical gear roamed throughout the house and Senate in quest of hostages while others smeared human shit on the partitions—as “protests,” it give the event capital letters. First change Protests. So don’t be shocked here’s now the “authentic” name assigned to thousands of Trump supporters trying a violent takeover.

What did this feces-spreading assault on the nation must do with the primary modification? well, it did carry an impressive message to the media—by destroying high priced device, threatening reporters, and making it clear that they were subsequent on the listing to be hanged.

but the clear intent that this identify is now getting slapped onto the experience has nothing to do with the precise motivations of the insurrectionists or the theme of that day. regardless of the “March for Trump” banners, the reliable identify of the rally was “cease the Steal.” The lie that there had been enormous election fraud become included in each invitation, each speech, and every commentary, all encouraging the Nazi crowd to get available and burn that Reichstag.

the only rationale that Pentagon—and absolutely, the Trump White condominium —is attempting this rebranding is not only to diminish what came about by calling them “protests,” but an try to hyperlink them to Trump being banned from Twitter and facebook after the assault took area.