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All dwelling former protection secretaries condemn GOP makes an attempt to overturn election, contain armed forces

The letter additionally explicitly dismisses the theory of difficult the election outcomes at all, with military guidance or devoid of it: “The time for questioning the effects has handed; the time for the formal counting of the electoral faculty votes, as prescribed within the charter and statute, has arrived.”

They also call upon performing protection secretary Christopher Miller, by way of identify, to carry out the transition from Trump to Biden administrations “utterly, cooperatively and transparently,” noting that he is “bound by using oath, legislation and precedent” to achieve this. This seems to be an immediate reference to Joe Biden singling out the defense branch as one of the most departments that has now not provided full cooperation with the transition.

it’s an incredible letter, not for its contents but for the spectacle of all former secretaries of defense uniting to reject the proposal that the militia would take part in a violent coup—which has been among the many alternate options contemplated by a delusional and treasonous Donald Trump and his allies. it’s naturally intended to sign to current armed forces leaders that they might stand on strong ground in resisting such “criminal” orders.

it is become felt to be integral, by using all signatories, is a shocking reflection of how close even suitable past armed forces officials agree with the nation to be to a doubtlessly violent coup—one backed by a majority of house Republican, and at the least a dozen in the Senate.