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Saturday nighttime Owls: Pandemic and climate disaster continue to be linked because of the affects and denial

no matter if or not the Covid-19 pandemic finally bolsters or hampers the potentialities for U.S. and world local weather action, the two crises continue to be inextricably linked. at least for the foreseeable future, any effort to meaningfully handle the basis reasons of 1 will involve confronting the other.

coping with both crisis additionally includes tackling the rejection of science promoted by means of the Trump administration and pervading his base.

“If there’s a silver lining, it is that the failure of the latest administration to respond meaningfully to the pandemic lays bare the deadliness of ideologically-inspired science denial,” referred to Michael Mann, a local weather scientist at Penn State college, who warned that such state of no activity round climate “will be much more deadly.”

Noting the pandemic’s minimal affect in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Mann talked about Covid-19 had shown the inadequacy of voluntary measures and particular person habits to fulfill the desires of the Paris settlement and stop bad levels of international warming. […]

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“An optimist stays up except dead night to look the brand new yr in. A pessimist stays up to be sure the historical year leaves.”  ~~William E. Vaughan




At daily Kos on this date in 2012—provide him some credit score, at the least Rick Santorum didn’t say ‘welfare queens’

sensible people be aware of that who gets meals stamps and covered by means of Medicaid has nothing to do with race and every thing to do with poverty. unless, of route, you might be a Republican candidate looking for whatever thing wedge subject that you would be able to dredge up to distinguish yourself from all of the different candidates in the ultimate moments of the first massive contest of the 2012 season.

it’s now not that the others would shy faraway from doing what Rick Santorum did Sunday. That became to elevate the specter of African americans leeching off the taxpayers once they may still be getting jobs. You cannot precisely call it a dog-whistle since the message was loud and clear to everybody.

In Sioux metropolis at a crusade cease Santorum instructed a ordinarily white crowd that he [doesn’t want] to supply black americans “somebody else’s funds.”