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‘His death did not ought to happen’: family unit of first grownup to die of COVID-19 in ICE custody sues

“The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of California through Escobar Mejia’s three siblings, alleges negligence, deliberate indifference to severe health and safety needs and wrongful loss of life,” The San Diego Union-Tribune experiences. “The grievance argues that officials held Escobar Mejia in conditions that they ‘knew would expose him to an endemic.’” This has been the norm at diverse detention camps: past this month, a federal choose slammed yet another deepest prison profiteer, GEO neighborhood, for the “appalling” dealing with of the virus inner its facility, additionally in California.

The Guardian said in can also that Escobar Mejia had complained to his sister about his medication while detained at Otay Mesa, saying he wasn’t receiving correct care for his diabetes. He also suffered from “high blood force, coronary heart issues and an amputated foot,” the report spoke of, all of which should still have made the case for him to be allowed to shelter at domestic. but ICE refused and he became in poor health amid the horrific outbreak at the facility. 

The Union-Tribune stories that the lawsuit states that “[b]y the time defendant transported him to the sanatorium, Mr. Escobar was gasping for air and death. He received a blood transfusion but he had already been too weakened by using the virus.” In letters launched days after the death, dozens of immigrants nonetheless detained at Otay Mesa released a letter slamming medication of the person, and pleading with a couple of properly elected leaders from the state to support cozy their own unlock. 

”no longer unless Mr. Escobar became so ailing that he couldn’t arise and changed into laying in his bunk after throwing up in his trash can did they at last come to a decision to flow him out of M pod,” the detained individuals wrote. “Now in its place of taking him straight to the health facility figuring out he changed into diabetic and at greater possibility, they took him next door to L pod the place all the COVID-19 high-quality and ailing people had been at. eventually, when he could no longer breathe he turned into taken to the sanatorium. through this time, too lots time had been wasted and it was too late.”

officers in charge at this facility have generic precisely what they’ve been doing because they’ve been attempting to cowl it up, blocking detained americans from making mobile calls to advocates out of supposed “protection considerations.” Otay Mesa Detention Resistance tweeted at the time, “[t]his is dangerous because we do not know what abuses are occurring inner if we can not get hold of calls.” officials at last reversed this determination following public outrage.

“These facilities don’t care in regards to the individuals or the information of their lives,” Escobar Mejia’s sister Rosa advised The Guardian. “These are deepest associations making funds off of immigrants.” The Union-Tribune reports that following his dying, detained americans at Otay Mesa wrote notes apologizing to his loved ones for his loss of life. “The only contact Escobar Mejia’s siblings got after his dying, the lawsuit says, turned into from the funeral home annoying $1,700 to cremate their brother,” the report continues.