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Some satisfied-ish endings for typically lousy 2020 social media experiences

And the Anne Frank Memorial? When the story broke, this immediately happened:

Screenshot of tweet in support of Anne Frank Memorial in Boise Idaho following Nazi vandalism. Flowers and a sign reading "WE are everywhere. We choose LOVE."

after which this: 

And this, together with tens of heaps of dollars in donations from everywhere: 

As for the “Small business Saturday” protests? That was a tricky one. a native jeweler, a Twitter friend, posted this.

He acquired somewhat a little of native media attention for it, sort of became the spokesperson for the small groups in downtown Boise, taking a stand on their behalf. sadly, that attention introduced this:


It’s now not clear no matter if the spoil-in turned into political, in accordance with his signal, or just opportunistic when a person found out that there become a jewelry keep in a form of tucked-away region or both. The guitar and a family unit clock, of no price to any one but him, were the toughest losses for Mike. apart from being a jeweler, Mike’s a musician, and that guitar became basically particular to him and fairly plenty irreplaceable. 

The notice got out in all places the community, via Twitter and facebook, though prospects appeared fairly dim. The videotape of the burglary from an in-shop camera didn’t reveal plenty about the masked (paradoxically) burglar and the fingerprints haven’t been processed yet. but then: 


Richard Mussler-Wright, by the way, is the building director for Ballet Idaho, apart from being a great egg. The guitar, Mike says, took just a little of a beating being disregarded in beneath-freezing temperatures for a couple of nights, however could be repaired. And the tweaker who ended up with it is likely to crack to Boise police about who he obtained the guitar from, making it just a little likelier that the clock, his Stetson and his “1 gigantic stuffed penguin toy with slogan pins that’s retaining a miniature quilt” may just no longer be gone perpetually.

So out of this complete dumpster fire of a year, through which social media as standard poured on the gasoline, it also created some respectable. Even in Idaho. Sharing these experiences, sharing the thought that most likely there is still hope as a result of there are extra of us than there are of them—even in Idaho—is price it. as a result of we’re not alone. we’re searching for each and every other, even on-line. That’s a idea to raise into what goes to be one other definitely tough 12 months, however one which at the least has the light of hope in it.