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Monday nighttime Owls: San Antonio’s power utility vows local weather motion, but remains plugged into gas

in keeping with facts got via the watchdog climate Investigations middle and shared with DeSmog, CPS power will pay over $50,000 in annual membership costs to the American Public fuel affiliation (APGA), and over $200,000 yearly in membership dues to the American gasoline association (AGA). each organizations lobby for persevered dependence on methane gasoline, comparable to direct use of gas in buildings for things like heating and cooking, and oppose efforts to cut back emissions via electrifying sectors like constructions and transportation. Their members and sponsors consist of significant power utilities and pipeline and fossil gasoline groups like Duke energy, Enbridge, TransCanada, and BP.

As DeSmog up to now reported in this “Unplugged” sequence, the California metropolis of Palo Alto is also helping to fund the American Public fuel affiliation via membership dues amounting to over $20,000 annually and which can be paid by the city’s municipally owned utility. Some within the community referred to they see this funding as a battle with Palo Alto’s formidable local weather desires.

in a similar way, several environmental activists from the group in San Antonio instructed DeSmog that their municipal utility’s funding and guide for the methane gas lobby doesn’t appear to square with San Antonio’s goal, prescribed in a new metropolis climate plan, to cut back the city’s carbon emissions to web zero by way of 2050.

To have a goal of being carbon neutral by way of 2050, while on the equal time paying funds to a fuel affiliation whose basic purpose is to hold us hooked on fossil fuels, yeah, absolutely that’s a battle,” noted DeeDee Belmares, a San Antonio resident and local weather justice organizer with the nonprofit firm Public Citizen.  […]

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“The president is a nationalist, which is not at all the identical element as a patriot. A nationalist encourages us to be our worst, and then tells us that we are the most efficient. A nationalist, ‘youngsters perpetually brooding on vigor, victory, defeat, revenge,’ wrote Orwell, tends to be ‘bored stiff in what occurs within the actual world.’ Nationalism is relativist, when you consider that the handiest certainty is the resentment we feel after we take into account others. as the novelist Danilo Kiš put it, nationalism ‘has no generic values, aesthetic or moral.’ A patriot, against this, desires the nation to are living up to its beliefs, which ability asking us to be our most useful selves. A patriot should be troubled with the true world, which is the most effective vicinity the place his country can also be cherished and sustained. A patriot has popular values, specifications by which he judges his nation, all the time wishing it smartly—and wishing that it might do more advantageous.”
          ~~Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny: Twenty classes from the twentieth Century (2017)




At each day Kos on this date in 2003—Republicard: spend like there’s no tomorrow:

Introducing the Republicard. First practiced beneath the list deficit-spending of the Reagan-Bush administrations, and now re-issued under the fiscal wreckage of George Bush with a trifeca of Republican-rule to again spend like theres no tomorrow. Miles, the creator of the card:

final week i used to be listening to a few proposal that had been delivered into Congress to honor Ronald Reagan via placing him on the dime coin. aside from the fact that FDR, creator of the “March of Dimes”, actually deserves to reside on that coin (and Nancy Reagan consents)… it happened to me that if someone were to honor George W. Bush, given his tremendous deficits, the most applicable place to achieve this would be… a credit card. So I imagined what it could seem like, and got here up with the RepubliCard: (This conception simultaneously happened to

political cartoonist Tom Toles who had a cartoon on this theme appear the very subsequent day).