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‘Our bad’: Orlando Sentinel apologizes for endorsing congressman who signed on to Trump coup attempt

Trump has now not been capable of show one case of voter fraud, and this newest lawsuit from Texas failed to even allege fraud. It just argued that states like Pennsylvania and Georgia didn’t properly suppress the vote like they did in Texas. The case, as make sure you comprehend, turned into ridiculous in every experience of the word. The corrupt Texas attorney standard, Ken Paxton, who’s bucking for his personal pardon, virtually argued that states like Georgia made Trump lose with the aid of extending early and mail-in balloting—which is precisely what Texas did. 

not ever intellect that the charter in particular says that states can run their own elections as they see fit, and not ever mind so that you can’t argue election guidelines after an election, and in no way intellect that Texas had no standing to sue. (youngsters part of me truly hoped that SCOTUS would have taken this case up. I actually have my factors.)

The proven fact that a representative of the U.S. government is ok with overthrowing an election (and let’s not say “overturn,”—let’s name this coup what it is), is seditious and, i’d argue, treasonous due to the fact we’ve been in a warfare with Vladimir Putin. instead of fighting us head-on, Putin has in its place efficaciously taken handle of an enormous U.S. birthday party to ruin us from within. Waltz is both a coward who’s afraid to stand up for democracy or is severely k with turning us into a constructing autocracy beholden to Russian interests. The only aspect i do know for certain is that he doesn’t need to characterize the U.S..

Kudos to the Orlando Sentinel for calling this assault on our democracy what it’s. Others need to observe go well with. sure, it’s embarrassing and failed to go anywhere, but that’s no longer the point. Republicans recognize that the overwhelming majority of americans rejected their platform. as a substitute of adjusting their platform, they without difficulty determined to reject democracy. Utah Sen. Mike Lee didn’t misspeak when he argued towards “rank democracy” during this nation. The GOP has become dangerous, authoritarian, and fascist below Trump, and it looks like they’ll be staying that means after Trump.