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Sunday nighttime Owls: appropriate-wing speak radio talkers launch four years of ‘stolen election’ raging

The identical day Shapiro raved about clothes, radio host Mark Levin grew to become to talking in regards to the American Revolution and the colonialists’ refusal to pay taxes to the British and their determination to sink the tea that the British wanted them to drink. The because of this handed Coercive Acts, by which the British used to drive fee for restitution for the sunk tea, had modern parallels. On November 12, Levin had intoned with solemnity that “we’ve mayors that are cancelling Thanksgiving” or that “you are going to now not meet on your personal homes in companies more desirable than ten” or “you’ll no longer go to church.” Trump (who later cancelled his personal Thanksgiving shuttle to Mar-a-Lago) had fallen a few rungs in the lineup (he reappears as the show goes on), his area surrendered as a consequence to the warfare on Thanksgiving. The media, that liked fallback omnipresent enemy, Levin declared, had joined in with the tyrants. The correct had capitulated too tons; demands for hand washing and masks and social distancing were superfluous; the reprieve would not come from them however from “proper” science. That “proper” science changed into the science supported by way of Donald Trump. 

Levin’s “Thanksgiving as resistance” and “mask-donning as capitulation” are terribly dangerous prescriptions however now not new ones. For the entire length of the Covid-19 pandemic, these purveyors of appropriate-wing speak show rubbish have painted usual-feel fitness laws as a politically inflected denial of individual liberty. in the aftermath of a misplaced election whose genuine overturning is at most beneficial improbable, throwing oneself in the path of Covid-19 is now a fair greater ennobled performance of resistance against the tyranny of newly elected leaders, notwithstanding it does imply loss of life oneself. […]

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“A Korean reporter as soon as asked me, ‘Do you suppose your Korean parents are ashamed because you talk about what you talk about on stage?’ I stated, ‘I do not feel they’re ashamed because they may be Korean. I believe any folks can be ashamed’.” ~~Margaret Cho




At each day Kos on this date in 2008—Obama: largest public works investment considering Eisenhower deliberate:

Make public buildings greater power-productive. Our govt now can pay the maximum energy invoice in the world. We should exchange that. We deserve to improve our federal structures by way of changing ancient heating methods and installation productive gentle bulbs. That gained’t just prevent, the American taxpayer, billions of greenbacks every 12 months. it’s going to put people again to work.

2d, we are able to create thousands and thousands of jobs by making the only biggest new investment in our national infrastructure considering the advent of the federal dual carriageway equipment within the Fifties. We’ll invest your valuable tax greenbacks in new and smarter approaches, and we’ll set an easy rule—use it or lose it. If a state doesn’t act without delay to put money into roads and bridges in their communities, they’ll lose the funds.

Third, my economic healing plan will launch the most sweeping effort to modernize and upgrade college constructions that this nation has ever viewed.  we can restore damaged schools, make them energy-effective, and put new computers in our lecture rooms. as a result of to assist our babies compete in a 21st century economic climate, we need to send them to 21st century schools.