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‘They have been wearing rhinestones’: Trump’s witnesses in Michigan fraud hearing make ridiculous claims

Matthew Shepard, a supporter of US President Donald Trump rips up an sign that says, Uphold Democracy outside the Michigan State Capital as as Michigan's Board of State Canvassers vote today to certify the 2020 election in Lansing, Michigan on November 23, 2020. (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP) (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

Matthew Shepard testified with literally no facts in any respect. but not respecting the vote seems to be his manufacturer.

On Tuesday, Michigan lawmakers dedicated more than six hours to allowing facts-free testimony on the unproven and, frankly, unprovable election fraud claims of Trump supporters. an excellent summary of those types of movements got here from a person named bill Schmidt, who in line with The Detroit information, had considered himself a lifelong Republican before this 12 months’s election.

“Evil can also be considered by using evil people,” he pointed out. Schmidt reportedly advised officials that whereas he noticed americans make blunders, he didn’t agree with he noticed anything nefarious or illegal take place. “respectable americans see goodness. What I saw is, I saw hardworking americans working challenging,” he endured. “That’s what I noticed. That’s the us. That’s democracy.” Schmidt feels like an inexpensive adult. however now not everyone claiming fraud is as cost-effective, and pondering or observing or studying in regards to the conspiracy-encumbered, truth-free bullshit that some accept as true with is price destroying our democracy for can be frustrating. fortuitously, someone operating a satirical account determined to produce a really sobering set of stories on the testimony in Michigan, so that you and that i need not watch all of it.

First off: The account, @TepidButterASMR, while satirical in familiar, basically did just document what americans had been telling the Michigan state senators they were testifying in entrance of. Satire throughout Trump is a extremely first-class slice of pastry.


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