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Wisconsin’s partial recount finishes, and Joe Biden wins once again

WILMINGTON, DE - NOVEMBER 04: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks one day after Americans voted in the presidential election, on November 04, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden spoke as votes are still being counted in his tight race against incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump which remains too close to call. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Thanks for the 87 additional votes, Don. I believe you’re going to be instantaneous with the determine?

Donald Trump must have in reality favored dropping the presidential election, as a result of he is determined to keep reliving the adventure as many times as he can control. The Trump-demanded recount of the two largest (and most heavily Democratic-balloting counties) in Wisconsin has now concluded. The consequences? Joe Biden’s victory over Trump grew by using an further 87 votes.

under state law, the partial recount in Milwaukee and Dane counties to prove that Joe Biden’s victory turned into a number of dozen votes more positive than we thought will can charge the Trump campaign $three million. or not it’s totally likely Trump’s team of grifters, liars and con artists will are trying to pass out on that invoice, citing much more outlandish claims than the current ones, so Wisconsin might are looking to beginning making ready for those proceedings next!