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Scotland becomes first nation to make period products free; U.S. taxes them like luxury gadgets

here is an outstanding issue. The BBC experiences that the can charge of these items can also be upwards of £8 ($10.69) per thirty days, and a lot of individuals struggle to manage to pay for these basic things. The law also “enshrines in law the free provision of length items in colleges, colleges and universities,” whatever thing already being finished in Scotland however now fortified with legislation.

meanwhile, Tennessee Repbulicanrs are fretting out loud about whether or now not casting off the ludicrous revenue tax utilized to feminine hygiene products will result in girls buying boatloads of tampons. Why is that this a problem? since the same political celebration that gave away billions to the wealthy in tax cuts and subsidies says it’s afraid that states like Tennessee could be bankrupted if girls had been allowed to purchase—buy, intellect you—tampons devoid of an introduced revenue tax.

In November of 2018, Nevada grew to be the tenth state to eliminate the income tax on menstrual products. There are still lots of states that do not accept as true with these very simple hygiene items essentials or needs.

respectable job, Scotland. probably at some point we will laugh about how uncivilized we had been should you have been thus far ahead.