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A second of zen (or hours-long time suck) to your holiday

This charity within the U.okay. runs a farm for rescued animals. They tweet each day, and the farmer/narrator and his massive love for his motley crew of cats and geese and geese and goats and cows and every thing simply makes me chuffed, if handiest for a couple of minutes each day.

growing to be up on a cattle ranch we had lots of working canine, but the favorites were always heelers, which are actually given the flamboyant identify of “Australian Cattle Dog.” but they’ll always be heelers to me, and the @heelersbot promises them every day. I want one so badly, but my city tradition doesn’t really make one an outstanding fit. So I are living vicariously via these guys.

I also want a lynx, which is definitely no longer anything that may or may still happen, therefore @HourlyLynxes.

I even have aspirations of being a birder, but the company to my feeder are relatively boring. So it’s @BirdPerHour to the rescue. I mean, look at these guys.

I can also’t bring together excessive-end artwork, but i will relish snippets right through the workday. Of route @JohnConstableRA is not an 18th century grasp, but they are an particularly respectable Twitter curator.

There’s all the time a little bit of perspective to be discovered from @TweetsofOld. I don’t know the way they locate the perfect headline for the moment from the closing century, but they unerringly do.


It’s not that I don’t have precise, critical things for which I’m thankful. but after a yr like this, a little little bit of levity—a ruin from all the horrendous stuff—helps. It’s mini-therapy. So in the spirit of giving the present of absurdity to every person, what are your favorite time-wasters online rabbit holes?