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Delusional Trump dials into farcical Gettysburg committee hearing to push greater imaginary fraud

Trump, together with his regular political savvy, came right out and admitted that he’s trying to disenfranchise some eighty million american citizens who voted for President-elect Joe Biden.

“We must flip the election over,” he talked about. “All we need to do is have some decide listen to it effectively.” Yep. With sufficient money beneath the desk, Trump figures he can get “some decide” to hear his appeals “appropriately.” but unless Trump locates that special judge, he’s logged a historic 1-37 string of put up-election criminal losses the likes of which the us had in reality under no circumstances viewed formerly. 

but that fact didn’t stop Trump from interesting his acolytes with fantastical testimonies of “many, many cases” of fraud.

“This election changed into rigged and we cannot let that ensue,” Trump charged for the gazillionth time with out featuring a shred of facts. “And this election has to be turned around, as a result of we gained Pennsylvania by using a whole lot and we gained all these swing states by means of a lot.” unless, of course, one consults the Keystone State’s licensed vote, by which Biden bested Trump by more than eighty one,000 votes.

here’s a short glimpse of the event Pennsylvania Republicans, Giuliani & Co. teed up for SNL’s next episode.