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Comcast claims it’s hiking expenses to pay for imaginary infrastructure and content it already owns

Arstechnica stories that Comcast launched an announcement saying that, “Rising programming costs—most principally for broadcast tv and activities—continue to be the biggest components driving expense increases for all content material distributors and their customers, no longer simply Comcast. We’re continuing to work hard to control these charges for our valued clientele while investing in our community to supply the premier, choicest broadband provider in the country and the pliability to choose our trade-main video platform with X1 or the very best quality streaming product with Flex, the most effective free streaming tv machine with voice far off this is covered with broadband provider.”

Wild. also ordinary as numerous people point out that Comcast owns NBC prevalent—a kind of “content distributors” that are obviously “driving fee increases.” some of the oldest arguments on the planet towards the consolidation of media content material distributors and telecommunication groups became that this very bogus factor would turn up, and just worsen. The absurdity of all of it is some thing that TechDirt’s Karl Bode wrote about in what is arguably the best information headline on the area in the heritage of headlines, “Comcast Tells consumers They may additionally Lose access To Comcast Channels If Comcast Can’t believe Comcast.”

both way, these fights have been getting increasingly worse over the ultimate decade, with buyers automatically dropping access to tv content material they pay for — and basically under no circumstances getting money back. Regulators within the Trump era easily giving up on consumer coverage hasn’t helped. And whereas the introduced competition from streaming has helped matters just a little, that you may predict completely new concerns as the combat over gatekeeper dominance without difficulty alterations form.

As for the 2d excuse Comcast gives, funding of their community, let’s remind each person that for the reason that the Republican tax giveaway, telecommunications businesses throughout the board (in addition to most huge groups) have slowed down their infrastructural spending, now not expanded it. if you believe the spending that these businesses do on infrastructure is built into their earnings projections years in enhance, it means that these businesses are pulling lower back on infrastructure the greater money they pocket as a result of there is no purpose to in reality provide the more desirable promised functions in their respective monopolistically managed areas. The motive there isn’t any cause is that there is not any legislations or accountability to the American purchaser.

Telecommunications giants like Comcast make many billions of greenbacks in profit with “hidden expenses.” These are the expenses that groups are by some means allowed to overlook to point out when they are offering up massive new offers to new shoppers. The level of customer complaints towards Comcast are essentially cartoonish. but, even earlier than the Trump administration used former Verizon legal professional and shill Ajit Pai to get rid of web neutrality protections, consumers were at all times on the very brief conclusion of the keep on with telecommunications monopolies like Comcast, charter, Verizon, and AT&T.