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Trump the use of remaining weeks of vigor to push extra immigration changes simply to be a jerk

other policies already rolled out as Trump misplaced the 2020 election is a brand new rule blockading immigrants launched from federal custody below supervision from work enables, depriving them of the means to be able to aid themselves and their families legally as they combat their cases in immigration court. Immigrants have already been disproportionately impacted via the novel coronavirus pandemic, however the government gave them a center finger and excluded them from aid. Now it’s giving them the other finger on the way out.

“President-elect Joe Biden believes we must do enhanced to uphold our laws humanely and maintain the respect of immigrant households, refugees and asylum-seekers,” a Biden transition member instructed CNN. “The Biden-Harris agency assessment groups are laying the groundwork for the Biden-Harris administration to comfortable our values as a nation of immigrants.”

CNN notes the appointment of Ur Jaddou, former U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services chief tips, to the Biden transition group, a move welcomed by way of immigrant rights advocates. however USCIS staffers have reportedly also been ordered to have no communication with the transition group except general functions Administration (GSA) administrator Emily Murphy, a Trump appointee who has refused to respect Biden’s victory, gives the k. Bullshit on exact of bullshit.

every day Kos’ Mark Sumner these days noted Trump’s intention “to depart at the back of a device so broken that no one can repair it,” together with leaving american citizens to die amid the pandemic as a result of he’s mad he misplaced and it could harm Democrats in the end. “Trump is doing every thing he can to go away Joe Biden a nation it truly is in poor health and divided at home, weak and besieged abroad,” he writes. “And he’s doing it for the same intent he determined to no longer engage in a major try to stop COVID-19. He believes that a bit dying and catastrophe should be first rate political approach.”