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This Week in Statehouse action: Thanks for Nothing version

while Democrats (likely) won’t be as unhealthy off within the 2021 circular of redistricting as they were within the 2011 circular of redistricting, that bar is so low that it will get the bends if someone tried to carry it to sea degree.

crusade action

but we’ve observed that already.

And now we need to discuss … something else we’ve already said.

in particular, the Trump crusade’s plot to use GOP-managed state legislatures to subvert specific, professional election consequences and disenfranchise a whole lot of lots of voters.

despite the fact that it violates due method on distinct tiers and is each unconstitutional and unlawful eight how to Sunday, Trump campaign officers overtly admitted a few months in the past that they were exploring avenues to have the GOP-controlled legislatures in states like Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin contrive an excuse to one way or the other ignore a potential Biden accepted vote victory and instead have Republican state legislators seat Trump electors to forged Electoral college ballots in December.

floor zero for the scheme appeared to be Pennsylvania, however GOP legislative management looks to not have an urge for food for that stage of shenanigans. reasonably, they’re going to use the gerrymandered majorities they held on to in each the state house and Senate to attack election officers and look for methods to make balloting more tricky in future elections for constituencies that are likely to support Democrats.

On Monday, Nov. 23, Pennsylvania will certify the elections outcomes, making Biden’s victory within the state respectable.

Now eyes flip to Michigan where … well, some basically particular things are occurring.

Like Pennsylvania, the Wolverine State is slated to certify its election consequences on Monday, Nov. 23.

however drama has already plagued the antecedent county-degree certification system there, and drama continues as the certification date processes.

Wayne County—which comprises the overwhelmingly Black-majority metropolis of Detroit and the greatest county in Michigan—met on Tuesday evening to certify its election results.

besides the fact that children that it tends to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, its elections board—like any such boards within the state—is bipartisan: two Democrats, two Republicans.

via the via, Biden decisively received Michigan (with the aid of over one hundred forty,000 votes). but when Wayne County’s votes were for some weird cause no longer counted in the state’s tally, Trump would have received.

initially, both Republicans (who are white) on the Wayne County board said they wouldn’t vote to certify the election effects, claiming unspecified (and apparently nonexistent) “irregularities” made them doubt the vote tally.

… until voting while Black is regarded an “irregularity” with the aid of Republicans. Which, neatly …

each Trump and the state Republican celebration chair overtly praised this blatant try to steal the election.

The flow right away caught metaphorical fireplace nationally, and the assembly dragged on for hours and the Republicans scrambled for a method to cover their asses on this vote.

within the end, they voted to certify the effects after reaching a “compromise” that involved inquiring for that the secretary of state audit the effects.

Whew! crisis averted!

… not so rattling quick.

As of this writing, Trump is flying the Republican leaders of both legislative chambers to D.C. on Friday for a meeting on the White apartment.

Gee, some thing could they ought to talk about?

Michigan condo Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate Majority chief Mike Shirkey haven’t yet commented on the agenda for this meeting—however we will hazard a good looking dang smartly-educated guess.

You see, Michigan’s legislature is still technically in session.

Which ability that, theoretically, the GOP-controlled chambers could meet and choose to seat Trump electors as an alternative of Biden electors for … causes!

And yes, as we all understand, here’s all extraordinarily unconstitutional and unlawful and all that.

however we also recognize that Trump’s attacks on this election don’t have anything to do with any kind of foundation in law or truth.

each Chatfield and Shirkey are lately on record with assurances that they’re going to no longer award electors to any person other than the candidate who won the state’s regularly occurring vote—obviously Joe Biden.

although, each of these Republicans already launched a legislative investigation into election results, citing as-yet-unsubstantiated “allegations related to the integrity” of the Nov. 3 contest.

And despite the fact that each one 83 Michigan counties have licensed their election results, the state board—which, bear in mind, has two Democrats and two Republicans—vote to certify on Monday, which is continually a formality, is currently very an awful lot doubtful.

Neither Republican has committed to voting to certify the election effects. One has brought up publicly that he’s “leaning towards asking that the certification be delayed.”

A delayed certification offers the GOP-managed legislature extra time to tug elector shenanigans.

again, unlawful and unconstitutional shenanigans, but Michigan Republicans appear poised to sow much more doubt and chaos into this election.

numerous participants of Trump’s legal team have gone on checklist this week about their intention to have election outcomes “overturned and the legislatures … make sure that the electors are chosen for Trump.”

And besides the fact that Monday comes and goes with a run of the mill election board assembly that accurately certifies Biden as Michigan’s winner, there’s nonetheless Wisconsin, which gained’t certify its election effects except Dec. 1.

No, this pathetic, determined effort by way of the Trump campaign to undermine—and potentially even steal—this election is terribly a whole lot not carried out.

and naturally it received’t be triumphant.

but the hurt it’s inflicting is true and may persist for cycles to come.

chiefly in contests where the consequences—not like in this presidential election—are in reality close.

Like, say, many state legislative elections.

It’s bad sufficient that Republican lawmakers are going to use bogus “investigations” into these election outcomes to provide them and excuse to undertaking every darkish delusion they’ve ever entertained about making voting greater problematic and diminishing the have an impact on of people of color, students, voters in city areas, and any other community the GOP regards as adverse to its pastimes.

but Republicans are sowing lasting doubts among their base about each close election they lose in the cycles to come back.

And in view that it’s no longer terribly amazing for state legislative elections to be decided by using 500 votes or fewer, that could end up being rather plenty.

neatly, that’s loads of doom and gloom.

however, as i discussed up proper, this is the remaining edition of this missive before Thanksgiving.

And whereas there’s truly an awful lot to be involved about and frightened of right now, we can’t have enough money to overlook to be grateful for the first rate issues in our lives.

Me? I’m grateful for you.

You study this.

You care.

regardless of the energy that requires in a time after we’re all feeling a bit out of steam, you care.

That’s astounding.

You’re magnificent.

thank you.